By: Dev Trois-Soixante On: 16 September 2022 In: Non classifié(e) Comments: 0

By officially opening its gourmet café, Fabrik8 consolidates its unique offering of flexible office complexes with hospitality principles in mind, creating a destination for business offices focused on people’s well-being through physical activities and now nutrition!

Offering choices beyond cafeterias and classic food courts

Gone are the days when onsite food offering would have to be dull, generic and not so healthy. Today’s businesses are looking to get access to quality food at a decent price while offering to their team greater connection with their environment. In order for them to trade the home for the office, today’s workspaces must be designed in a way that makes people feel good and want to spend time there and enjoy it. Concepts and inspirations from the hospitality world are at the heart of what Fabrik8 has to offer. From original breakfasts to take-out dinners, as well as healthy and diverse lunches, F8 Café will be offering exciting dishes with explosive flavors for tenants to enjoy. The menu has been planned and created by long time business oriented chef, Catherine Hardy.

Aiming for a WELL certification to maximize tenant well-being

F8 Café aims to be one of the first WELL certified menus in Canada. Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining good health, an ideal weight and above all, good energy level throughout the day. Adhering to WELL’s strict standards will ensures that fresh whole foods are promoted at the F8 Café while processed foods, added sugar and salt are eliminated from the equation.

Facilities that complement each other

In order to offer an environment focused on the well-being of its occupants, Fabrik8 complexes offer high-end facilities, such as a full gym on the roof, a multi-sport field that turns into an ice rink in winter as well as common areas to enjoy both the inside and the outside. As a result, Fabrik8 enjoys an occupancy rate flirting with 100%.

About Fabrik8

Fabrik8 pushes the tenant experience by building and operating flex office complexes that promote occupant’s health and well-being. Developed to provide everyone with a better work-life balance, Fabrik8’s complexes breathe life into work by integrating high-end facilities under one roof!