It is time to book the multisports field for this summer  –   Détails

Discover Our Reservation Options

Hourly Rental

Rent the multisports field
for a period of 1h to 4h
for 10-20 people.

1 hour: $145
2 hours: $250
3 hours: $355
4 hours: $460

*Maximum 20 people per reservation,
each additional person will be invoiced $12/h

Rental Blocks

Save by purchasing a block
of hourly rentals

10 x 1-hour Rental Blocks: $1150
15 x 1-hour Rental Blocks: $1500
20 x 1-hour Rental Blocks: $1900
25 x 1-hour Rental Blocks: $2250


Mile-Ex Terrace
Mile-Ex Terrace


Mile-Ex Terrace

You can now combine these two unique and memorable experiences.

Fabrik8 now offers you the possibility to book simultaneously, and for the same duration, the terrace and the multi-sports field on Saturdays and Sundays, from 8am to 3pm.

Imagine spending a sunny day practicing your favorite sport, followed by a moment of relaxation and conviviality on our beautiful terrace offering a panoramic view of the city of Montreal!

To make your reservation, contact our team by email at the following address:

With a playing surface of 52’ x 80’ and a spectacular view of Montreal, the multisports field is an ideal location for all of your activities

  • DekHockey
  • Basketball
  • Soccer

Depending on the weather, the multisports field is available from the beginning of May to the end of October. The equipment is of professional quality for a unique sports experience in Montreal.

A communal room is available for the players to change in.

Fabrik8 Sports Tournaments Our multisports field provides a turnkey and unique experience for your sports tournaments!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports can be played on the multisports field?

Basketball, soccer, dekhockey or any other sport played without equipment or basket on a flat surface (spike ball, roller skate, etc.) can be played on the multisports field.

Do we need to bring our own equipment?

Yes. Fabrik8 FIT offers only basketball baskets, and hockey and soccer goals. All other equipment must be provided by the client.

Where is the multisports field located?

The sports field is located on the 7th floor of the Fabrik8 building, located at 7236 rue Waverly in Montreal.

Is there a refund if the weather is too bad to play?

If the weather is too bad (rain, wind), the rental amount can be credited for later use, or refunded in full to the credit card used to make the initial purchase.

Is it possible to reserve the field for 1.5h?

Reservations are hourly. In order to play for 1.5 hours, you would need to reserve two 1-hour blocks.

How many people are included in a reservation?

A one-hour reservation includes up to 20 people. Any additional person in the group will be charged $12/h.

Are there changing rooms?

There are no changing rooms but a room is made available for the players to change in and leave their belongings.

Plateau Sportif - Fabrik8 Fit
Plateau Sportif - Fabrik8 Fit
Plateau Sportif - Fabrik8 Fit
Plateau Sportif - Fabrik8 Fit
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