Play basketball and Dek Hockey on Fabrik8 Mile-Ex’s rooftop Details

Discover Our Reservation Options

Hourly Rental

Rent the rink
from 1h to 4h

1 hour : $240
2 hours : $460
3 hours : $660
4 hours : $840

Rental Blocks

Save by purchasing a block
of hourly rentals

10 Rental Blocks : $2200
15 Rental Blocks : $3225
20 Rental Blocks : $4200
25 Rental Blocks : $5125

With a playing surface of 52’ X 80’, it’s the ideal space for all athletic levels

  • 3 vs 3 with goalies for intermediate or advanced players
  • 4 vs 4 with goalies for beginners
  • And even 5 vs 5 for the little ones!

The ice rink is generally accessible from the end of November to the end of March, depending on the weather. The boards, goals and resurfacer are professional grade for a hockey experience that is out of the ordinary!

Two indoor changing rooms are available so you can change into your skates in comfort.


Is it possible to reserve for 1.5 hours?

Reservations are hourly. In order to play for 1.5 hours, you would need to reserve two 1-hour blocks.

How many people can fit in the players' room?

The players’ room has 2 changing rooms for 12 people each. Each reservation will occupy 1 of the 2 changing rooms. (The 2 teams playing together will be in the same locker room). The other changing room is reserved for the group preceding or following the reservation.

How early do I need to show up before my reservation?

The reservation time reflects the time for which the ice rink is reserved for you. We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes early in order to be ready for the start time of your reservation.

There is a 30-minute grace period between each reservation, which allows players to leave the rink, welcome the next group, complete vaccine passport checks and resurface the rink.

Is a refund possible if the weather prevents playing?

If the weather does not permit us to provide a reasonable ice rink, the full amount of your reservation will be refunded on the credit card used to make the reservation. There may be a 4-5 working day delay before the amount is refunded on the card.

Will the ice be resurfaced before the event?

We have a type of Zamboni resurfacer that ensures our ice is always smooth. We resurface the ice before each reservation.

Are there other specific things to know?

Please review #7 of Fabrik8 FIT’s general rules and conditions to find out more on rental conditions and use of the ice rink.

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