We believe a happy, healthy body is more productive and efficient.

Our objective is to provide the opportunity for as many workers as possible to use the facilities. Our bright and spacious sports centre offers a turkey solution, with indoor and outdoor facilities and new equipment. Next to the gym, the multi-sport space on the roof allows you to practice individual or team sports year round. 

When a company joins Fabrik8,
all team members have access with no additional fees
to high level facilities & equipment.

Our Amenities

  • Men & Women’s locker rooms with individual showers
  • Cardio section
  • Area with weight machines
  • Muscle strength section with free weights
  • Crossfit area
  • Trek Fit outdoors
  • Outdoor gym class area
  • Multifunctional gym class space (boxing, yoga, spinning, etc)
  • Multi-sports rooftop court for summer (basketball, ball hockey, soccer, handball)
  • Multi-sports rooftop rink for the winter (hockey, power skating, broom ball)

Classes & Training

Users have access to a complete and varied gym class schedule mornings, afternoons and evenings, from Monday to Friday,  run by certified and dynamic trainers. We prioritize the users’ interests when choosing and scheduling classes.

7h45Gym ClassMorning Training - FIT your day!
Summer CourtOutdoor Yoga
Winter RinkPower Skating
11h45Gym ClassYogaSpinningYogaSpinningYoga
Summer CourtBasketballSoccerBasketballSoccerFree
Winter RinkHockeyHockeyPower skatingPower skatingFree
16h45Gym ClassBoxingSpinningBoxingSpinningBoxing
Summer CourtSoccerBasketballSoccerBasketballFree
Winter RinkHockeyBroom BallHockeyBroom BallFree
18hGym ClassSpinningBoxingSpinningBoxingSpinning
Summer CourtBall HockeySoccerBall HockeySoccer
Winter RinkHockeyHockeyBroom BallHockey

Private Training & Classes

Individuals or companies who would like additional training sessions in private or in a group may request a reservation at Fabrik8 Fit.

Companies at Fabrik8 get exclusive discounts for private sessions.

LocationDetails$With a Trainer
Private Training10 Sessions Package$600$180
Salle de cours50 minutes75$50$
Gym Class110 minutes$130$90
Summer Court50 minutes$125$50
Summer Court110 minutes$210$90
Summer Court4 Hour Block$360$180
Summer CourtFull Day (7 hours)$525$280
Winter Rink50 minutes$200$50
Winter Rink110 minutes$350$90
Winter Rink4 Hour Block$600$180
Winter RinkFull Day (7 hours)$1000$280
Tournament / FestivalCustom Package

*Each reservation includes a 5-10 minute period to adapt or clean the court or rink depending on the sport.

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