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The new 125,000-square-foot building was designed for the next normal faced by SMEs and large enterprises.

Montreal, March 9, 2021—Fabrik8 is taking Mile-Ex by storm with the opening of its most recent office complex project.

With work processes that have been transformed in recent months due to the pandemic, the Fabrik8 model is more relevant than ever, offering a work environment focused on health and flexibility, all the while placing workers and company culture at the very forefront of its concept. The complex is in one of the most vibrant areas of Montreal, the Mile-Ex, which serves as the centre for artificial intelligence and technological companies.

An Innovative and People-Centred Model

After enlisting more than 50 companies in this new project, including Spiria, Guru, Xandr, HGC, Voodoo, Dontnod Entertainment, Rablab, Kffein, inLibro, Spaceful, just to name a few, Fabrik8 and its founder Pierre-Antoine Fernet strive to meet the needs of Quebec-based businesses both locally and elsewhere regarding the next normal.

Since the emergence of COVID-19, employees’ work habits and employers’ needs have largely been disrupted, resulting in an overhaul of traditional work practices. Today, the work environment is becoming increasingly important to employers, who must now balance the rising need by their employees to work remotely and to have a flexible work schedule. This new trend is prompting many employers to rethink their workspaces and competitive advantages to entice their employees back into the organization or to work onsite.

Space for All Types of Businesses

Since the launch of its first complex in 2013, Fabrik8 has embraced this trend and developed its projects based on business models inspired by Silicon Valley. Fabrik8 provides an innovative model to SMEs and large corporations by putting people at the centre of all development and infrastructure decisions. There are multiple rental options available to accommodate all business cycles, from very flexible, short term, to more traditional and long term. The complex can accommodate teams of 1 to 250 employees under various rental packages. As of March 15th, only one 20,000 sq. ft. floor remained available for rent.

According to a study by global real estate leader JLL, flexible workplace and real estate solutions is reshaping the business model as we know it. The sector has grown nearly 23% annually since 2010, and the flexible business model accounted for nearly 2/3 of market occupancy gains in the U.S. in 2018 alone.1

Health and Fitness in the Workplace: A Serious Matter at Fabrik8

Building a gym in a corner to make an office look good? Never mind that here! “We chose to put the gym in the most coveted space of an office building,” explains Pierre-Antoine Fernet, project leader and developer, referring to the sports centre located on the roof top. Fabrik8 FIT, the department responsible for managing the activities and the fitness centre, will offer its tenants various options to keep active: a weight room, a cardio area, an outdoor Trekfit area, group and private classes with a specialized instructor, as well as a sports deck, also located on the roof of the complex. “The deck allows you to play basketball, soccer, deck hockey and becomes an outdoor ice rink in the winter. The goal is to offer numerous options, so that there is something for everyone with the fewest possible barriers to engaging in sports activities.”

A New Coffee Shop for the Neighbourhood

Scheduled to open in September 2021, the coffee shop will be accessible to local residents with its street front location on Waverly and will offer barista service, and healthy and ready-to-eat meals. The culinary offerings will also be accessible within the complex via the lounge area which is reserved exclusively for corporate tenants.

A Success, Despite a Pandemic

Backed by the Espacium Fund, along with many private partners and financed by the Laurentian Bank, Fabrik8 Mile-Ex has managed to succeed in a very unusual environment. “The work stoppage at our construction site was an extremely hard blow for us, it was difficult to accept after putting in so much effort. We were in the middle of finishing the project and then everything was stalled. In terms of leasing, we were lucky enough to rally a group of entrepreneurs who were prepared to look to the future alongside us, plus we have outstanding support from our existing clients,” explains Pierre-Antoine Fernet. In addition to managing the complex, Fabrik8 is also the creator and developer of the project.

Construction began in 2018 by general contractor Pomerleau. The design of the Fabrik8 Mile-Ex project was entrusted to the firm rocioarchitecture.


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[1] https://www.us.jll.com/en/trends-and-insights/research/flex-space