Enterprise office for companies with 50 to 500 employees

Complex with 200 000 square feet

Shared spaces
of the complex


With this multifunctional, design that is filled of natural light, this 5,000 Sq.ft space offers all the workers of the complex the opportunity to work in a relaxed and informal space.

100% furnished, you will find large tables for big teams, alcoves for your business lunches and, on reservations, three private rooms for customer presentations or team meals. Equipped with a projector, sound system and platforms, this space can also be reserved for private events on evenings and weekends.


Attached to the lounge, the professional kitchen of the complex will allow your crew to eat directly on site delicious healthy food.

Fabrik8 Café is not a food concession and is not open to the public, apart from your customers or guests, but an infrastructure shared with all the companies of the complex. This allow us to keep the control of the menu, the quality and the costs.

With access control chips, every employer can organize Some advantage resources, either by percentage discounts, fixed amounts, or expense accounts.


The objective of Fabrik8 for the sports center is to provide the opportunity for as many workers as possible to use the facilities, regardless of their level, age or gender. All transactions are included in the rental costs. Which provide unlimited access to the employees of the complex’s businesses at no additional cost.

Directly on the mezzanine on the roof, the gym of about 6000sq.ft will include a free weight section and cardio equipment. Qualified personnel will offer several courses and training sessions.

Connected to the training room, the multisport roof top has been designed to play Soccer, basketball and ball hockey from May to October. In winters, a refrigerated ice rink will operate from December to March.


Located on the roof, this multifunctional room of 750 Sq.ft is available to all the companies of the Complex for presentations, training and team meeting.

It will also be possible to reserve the room for external events of less than 100 people.

Overlooking a private terrace, the room contains chairs, sound system, projection system and a microphone.


The Fabrik8 Waverly project offers several outdoor spaces for the all companies. Each floor is equipped with balconies and terrace, some offices will have a private access to some of the outdoor space.

Several common outdoor spaces are also available for all workers. There is first, the inner courtyard GF where landscaping and outdoor furniture will be providing comfort and enjoyment for outdoor work and to enjoy your meals.


The Mile-Ex and to be more specific the sector of Alexandra-Marconi is in a active transformation. In 2015, the district decided to preserve the employment environment and to change the zoning, allowing the construction of 6 story buildings with a specific focus on technology companies and related fields. It is in this spirit that several companies have already established themselves in the sector, such as Media Expert, Game Loft, Spiria, Savoir-Faire Linux, Guru Energy, Shaw Direct and many others. The area is ideal with the metro stations De Castelneau and Park next door, the suburban train, the buses, the Bixi stations and all the shared cars compagnies.


7240 Rue Waverly, Montral, QC
H2R 2Y8, Canada

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