It is time to book the multisports field for this summer  –   Details

Our Vision

To create better workspaces around the world.

Our Mission

Help businesses fulfil their vision.

We are creating the next generation of offices, focused on health, productivity and company culture.

Our Values


To make amazing workplaces accessible for teams of all sizes.


To inspire confidence and trust through transparency and honesty. To respect one another, to respect our workplace and our members.


To work hard and find better ways to improve team wellness and productivity.


To use our passion to continue to invent creative solutions for better workplaces.

Our Pillars

Wellness & Health

We create workplaces that promote, encourage and facilitate employee wellness.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our workplaces are made for helping businesses succeed.

Company Individuality & Employer Branding

Each company has its own culture. At Fabrik8, you can keep and cultivate that culture with better options to make it yours.

Productivity & Growth

Our workspaces are made to put work first. We focus on creating productivity-focused workspaces where your teams can get their best work done.