Fabrik8 is the factory of modern times. It is the place of innovation and execution for many entrepreneurs growing in their respective fields. To reach success as an entrepreneur we have I dentified eight essential qualities that have become our mantra:


The vision behind Fabrik8 is to help companies drive development by providing an efficient working environment characterized by collaboration.

Our spaces are intended primarily for companies within technology, IT, web and related fields, but we are also open to accomodate companies with complementary skills that can help the community flourish.

Combine a well-designed, practical and affordable workplace with a stimulating office life and a synergetic exchange between companies – that is our vision of an efficient work environment.

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a work-organization style that combines two concepts: a shared workspace, and a network of people encouraging exchange and openness.

What is Coworking For Businesses?

Originally designed for freelancers and micro companies, Fabrik8 has adapted the coworking concept to businesses of all sizes in that certain services and facilities are shared. Most companies will at some point be limited by its ability to pay for some elements of the workspace. At Fabrik8, with our strength in numbers, everything becomes possible.

The Ideal Tenant

  • Working hard, arriving early, passionate about their business.
  • They are pleasant and respectful towards others and the equipment, and they expect their coworkers to follow suit.
  • They are growing rapidly in their field, which they want to revolutionize and excel in.

New 200 000 square
foot complex

This new complex aims to push the standards and boundaries of the typical work environment of dynamic companies of all sizes, with both design and ergonomics, as well as in the functionality of buildings.

Nouveau complexe